JoyBox USB is a switch interface with which you can connect up to 12 switches to the USB port on a computer.

JoyBox works as an ordinary USB gamepad. It is installed automatically when connected. It utilizes the HID (Human Interface Device) device driver that comes with Microsoft Windows. If asked please insert your Windows CD for the driver to get installed.

JoyBox is used in the same way as an ordinary gamepad. This makes it easy to adapt ordinary computer games. Together with the program JoySim, which is another of AnyCom’s products, the JoyBox can act as an adapted keyboard or mouse.

12 different switches can be connected to the JoyBox. The connection type is 3.5 mm audio jack. It is a commonly used switch interface which is utlilized by Jelly Bean, Specswitch and Buddy Button among others.

JoyBox is designed for Windows 98 and above. It also works on Macintosh.

JoyStick behavior
When JoyBox is utilized as a USB gamepad the switch connections works as follows:

Connection = Joystick function
1-8 = Fire 1-8
Left = Left
Up = Up
Right = Right
Down = Down

Several switches can be activated simultaneously.

Technical facts
JoyBox comes with a 1.0 m USB cable.

Size (WxHxD):
125 mm x 26 mm x 60 mm

CE-marking Directive conformity:
JoyBox conforms to:
Emission: EN50081-1, EN55022 Class B
Immunity: EN50082-1, EN61000-4-2, -3, Level 3