Below you find some of our featured products.



Screenshot of the WinBliss main windows and the editor window

WinBliss is a tool which facilitates development of material containing Bliss symbols. With WinBliss users can create new symbols and export them into their own programs, either through Windows Clipboard or as files. – WinBliss symbols are stored in lists. WinBliss comes with a list containing more than 3000 symbols. – WinBliss resides in the...…[more]


The JoyCable USB is one of the smallest switch interfaces available. It is very easy to use. It allows you to connect 2 switches to the USB port. When you plug in the JoyCable into the USB port it is automatically recognised as an ordinary gamepad/game joystick. No further installation or calibration is necessary –...…[more]


Screenshot of JoyMusic

JoyMusic is a music program for people with disabilities. With JoyMusic your switches or your Flexiboard becomes your musical instrument. A lot of people play musical instruments. Since quite some years now there has been a phenomenon in the music market called “loop based music”. A loop is a sound that is trimmed so that...…[more]


Photo of JoyBox USB

JoyBox USB is a switch interface with which you can connect up to 12 switches to the USB port on a computer. JoyBox works as an ordinary USB gamepad. It is installed automatically when connected. It utilizes the HID (Human Interface Device) device driver that comes with Microsoft Windows. If asked please insert your Windows...…[more]