Here You find trial versions of our products, free software, WinBliss lists and other stuff.

Free software

  • OneButton, a small program with which the right mouse button can be turned off.
  • LampRamp, a small program which show a row of lamps, intended to make the environment in music groups more accessible for people that can’t read notes.
  • JoyMusic

  • JoyMusic 1.0 Setup 2006-05-28
  • JoyMusic_manual_060424_SWE
  • WinBliss files

    WinBliss help files

  • The Winbliss 1_5 manual, in Swedish.
  • WinBliss lists Instructions for download of WinBliss lists: 1. Click on the WinBliss list you want to download. Since the lists are stored as ZIP-files, you will need to extract (unzip) them after they are downloaded. 2. When a dialog with a open/save question appears choose save – not open – and browse to the catalog where you want to collect your WinBliss lists. We suggest that you create a folder in your ”My documents”-folder and save the WinBliss list you are about to download to that location. 3. Extract the downloaded WinBliss list. 4. Open the downloaded WinBliss list from within the WinBliss program by clicking the ”Open” button.

    WinBliss lists

    Swedish: The latest Swedish WinBliss list containing 3053 symbols, release date 2005-09-02.

    Norwegian: The latest Norwegian WinBliss list containing 3013 symbols, release date 2006-09-27.

    English: The latest English WinBliss list (BCI-AV) containing 4505 Bliss symbols, release date_2010-05-14. The English WinBliss lists are frequently updated. You can download the very latest English list directly from Blissymbolics Communication International, BCI. It can be found at